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The 5' 1" American actress and singer, Hayden Leslie Panettiere, or famously known as Hayden Panettiere, was born on August 21, 1989 in Palisade, New York to parents Skip Panettiere and Lesley Vogel.

Her father, Skip, was a lieutenant in a fire department and her mother, Lesley, used to be a soap opera actress.

There is just something unwholesome about people that play relatives on TV hooking up in real life.

Note: Ventimiglia’s character, Peter Petrelli, is the uncle of Panettiere’s Clair Bennett.

I discuss with Shopping-Is-His Hobby Guy after the jump…me: Did you read that Hayden Panettiere is dating Milo Ventimiglia?

, Milo Ventimiglia and Hayden Panettiere, are indeed dating one another.

‘After Heroes I knew it was going to be an uphill battle for me to be seen as anything other than the all-American cheerleader,’ she says.

It’s certainly true that with her perky blonde prettiness she perfectly resembles that icon of American high-school culture, straight out of central casting.

Panettierre first caught people attention when she portrayed Elizabeth 'Lizzie' Spaulding, an abused girl who battled leukemia, on the CBS daytime-drama, "Guiding Light" (1996-2000).

The show received a Special Recognition Award from The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for bringing national awareness of the disease to the attention of daytime viewers while at the same time scored Panettiere a Young Star Award nomination for the category of Best Young Actress/Performance in Daytime TV Series in 2000.