C form onvalidating

Validation means that any data input meets the application requirements in order to ensure consistency and correctness of the data.There is a deep discussion about when, where and how this validation should be done.Some checks are business rules and thus conceptually they must be done in the business layer of the multi-layer application or in the server-side of a client/server application.But the key components, which the end-users interact with, are those which reside in the presentation layer.Therefore, this is the first place where the validation should be done.This eliminates the possibility the end-users will incorrectly enter the values.

Windows Forms provides several ways for you to validate input in your application.

The masking language that is used by Masked Text Box is very flexible.

It allows you to specify required characters, optional characters, literal characters, such as hyphens and parentheses, currency characters, and date separators.

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