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I was relieved it was done, and exhausted from all the worry, nerves and adrenaline. As a woman in the public eye, she would have known only too well what sort of reaction her sartorial choice would receive and yet she stuck with it - and it's sparking exactly the right kind of debate. I'd just like to take this opportunity to say thank you to Nadia.“Let me tell you, I’ve been on holiday many times with Steph, I’ve seen her feet and these pigs are taking their lives in their hands!”After she delivered her weather forecast, host Jon Kay joked: “Steph said she’s consulting her lawyers at the moment.”Carol ended the week in a gorgeous figure-hugging red dress with a reasonably low-cut neckline, keeping her shoulder-length blonde hair down behind her ears. Lying on the sofa watching hours and hours Come Dine With Me or Nothing To Declare.

I hated it." She continued: "I knew what was going to happen.

Producer of the Big Breakfast, just thinking about it makes me ill.

My photos, I have about 17,000 on the computer and about 120 albums full of prints.

As Carol could be seen back in the studio laughing, Steph continued her report, saying she was being “eaten” by her greedy companions.

Afterwards, back in the show’s Salford HQ, Naga Munchetty asked her to clarify what kind of biscuits Carol would go for, to which Steph responded: “Any packet of biscuits. If it even looks like a biscuit, she’s after you.”Carol herself, struggling to contain her laughter, hit back: “That is outrageous!