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Over the course of nine seasons, it etched out a special place in TV history, amidst all the other (very many) teen dramas.The show was so damn good, even the cast still gets nostalgic and schedules occasional group hang-outs.And, reminder, the show’s been off the air for a full four years.In honor of , we’re taking a look back at a few of the romantic moments for the OG couples of the series that made our hearts sing and even almost made us forget about that time a dog ate Dan’s transplant heart.Not only did it impart a boatload of timeless wisdom, the show was a veritable factory of swoon-worthy romances.In the first season alone, the show kicked off three epic ‘ships that command devoted fandoms to this day.Sophia Bush (that one from One Tree Hill) is showing us how it's done in this stand out piece by Dannijo.Worn over a simple black dress or top, it brightens your look without needing to invest in a whole new outfit.

The WB series, which started off being about a rivalry between two very different teenaged half-brothers in a fictional North Carolina town, grew to be so much more.

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She was the it-girl, but with lack of guidance throughout her high school years and constant promiscuity, it took some time for B. Yet still being in love with Lucas after she found out about the Peyton-Lucas kiss, Brooke set her feelings aside for the boy she loved and confided in her best friend.

No matter the situation, Brooke was always there for Peyton.