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ast week I wrote about ways to develop the habit of spending less than you make.

To continue that topic, here are some practical and painless money saving tips to help you save some cash each month.

To join the magical wonderland of mobile payments, check the in-depth guide below on setting up Alipay and connecting a Chinese bank account.

(For We Chat Pay, click here.) Get the latest version of the app from Alipay's website. Alipay will send a text message with a confirmation code to the number, which you will have to input.

To top it off, its 0 intro bonus is the highest of any cash back card we’ve reviewed.

Updated on Feb 20, 2017 for Version 10.0.3 Alipay, a.k.a.

Zhi Fu Bao 支付宝 lets you pay for airline tickets instantly, transfer money to your landlord without leaving your couch, pay for cabs and utility bills, or buy a street beer at Family Mart with just your phone.

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