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Although this sort of access is itself surprising, Ackerman's attitude may be even more chilling. I always like to mess with them and take a picture (laughs).

He tells the PBS reporter (at around 4 minutes at 30 seconds into the clip, which is below): There's an observe button and it brings up their screen. A lot of kids are just on it to check their hair, do their makeup: the girls... Nine times out of ten they duck out of the way, then they shut down and get back to work.

I will say that the previous administrations, there was often concern on our part about the way the process..necessarily the process, but the outcomes."In a letter dated in February 2016, Blikstad admitted to district investigators that he kissed a female student on the neck in class.

On March 2, 2016, the school district’s Professional Standards and Equity director, Andy Brown, wrapped up his investigation into Blikstad’s actions in a matter of days.

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And she knows I was very protective and so is her mother. In her video diary, unrequited love was a recurring theme. And then I miscarried, so I couldn't choose whether to keep the child, or not keep the child, go through with the pregnancy, not go through with it.

During an interview with PBS, Dan Ackerman, a vice-principal at a Bronx high school, not only boasted of being able to monitor his students through webcams on their computers (unbeknownst to the students), but demonstrated it live, on camera.

At New York's Intermediate School 339, administrators wield the authority to directly, remotely monitor students' online activities to ensure that students are using the school's laptops appropriately. As Ackerman demonstrated on the the Frontline documentary , when students activate their Webcam applications, they can be directly observed by teachers.

The district has stated that Webcams were accessed 42 times over the past 14 months, resulting in the recovery of 18 laptops, AP reports.

Merion School District officials vowed to enact stronger privacy policies.