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I wish you all a happy and safe soon return to your home!!! Love, Mom Name: Jim and Sharon Mc Bride Email: [email protected]: Wednesday December 31, 2003Time: PMSgt. No worries 2003 is now over for us...2004 is going to be your year, son... You have certainly earned the respect and admiration of people all over the world as liberators, peacekeepers, ambassadors, and educators. Have a Happy New best of it...write me if you like.would be nice to hear from you...g Name: Linda Hunsecker Email: [email protected]: Wednesday December 31, 2003Time: AMTo All Sky Soldiers and my Son SSG Victor Lopez HAPPY NEW YEAR and a speedy return home. Name: Mark Teshera's family Email: [email protected]: Wednesday December 31, 2003Time: AMHey dear Mark Happy New Year from Caytie, Stephanie, Samantha, Gramma,& Papa. Happy new year eve, I hope you'll have a chance to celebrate, I'll think of you on my Take care, when I'll back I'll write you. Michael was a very good person and many in Colorado will miss him. We include you all in our prayers and hope for your swift and safe return. Nick Warren (Former Sgt A/1/75) RD Wood (Former SSgt 5th SFG) Name: Tina Email: [email protected]: Tuesday December 30, 2003Time: PMJake,hey Angel...i hope you'll get the chance to read this.Name: Renee Buck / PFC Mark Teshera's Mom Email: [email protected]: Wednesday December 31, 2003Time: PMHappy New Year Son! We all love you and hope that next year at this time you and all your friends will be home. Jay Mc Bride, 2nd plt, Bco 1/508: HAPPY NEW YEAR to all the Fallen Angels and the rest of the 173rd. Name: Soira Email: [email protected]: Wednesday December 31, 2003Time: PM To: PFC ANDREW CONLEY HHC 1/508 Happy new year my love, for me this year is sad cause without you i can't be happy, but only for now i hope you come back soon and see your family,your friend's and me!! We will be here waiting for you when your job is through... KEVIN RAYMOND GLEICH, CSC-ALOC 173rd as our only son... Stay focused and vigilant until those boots again touch the ground in Italy. God Bless you all for your safe return--my thoughts and prayers will always be with the Fallen Sky Soldiers and their families who have given all. 173rd Rules Name: Gail Email: [email protected]: Wednesday December 31, 2003Time: AMHAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! We're proud of you and your dedication to make the world safer. We'll be here tomorrow night and will set off a couple of poppers for you. A lots of love, marzia Name: RENEE COLBURNEmail: [email protected] Date: Tuesday December 30, 2003Time: PMTHIS MESSAGE GOES OUT TO EVERYONE WHO POSTED MESSAGES ABOUT MY NEPHEW, MICHAEL E. THE PAIN OUR FAMILY IS FEELING CAN NOT BE PUT INTO WORDS BUT THE MESSAGES WRITTEN BY THOSE OF YOU WHO KNEW HIM IS SOMEHOW COMFORTING. I WAS LUCKY ENOUGH TO HAVE TWIN BOYS AND 1 TWIN VERY MUCH FAVORS, MICHAEL. love always and forever Ana Name: greta Email: [email protected]: Tuesday December 30, 2003Time: PMi want to wish to all the 173rd a really good new year... a big "hi" to my friends Anthony Henry, Jason REsto, Ted Condit. Gee Name: greta Email: [email protected]: Tuesday December 30, 2003Time: PMi want to wish to all the 173rd a really good new year... a big "hi" to my friends Anthony Henry, Jason REsto, Ted Condit. Baby im sorry,sometimes i just can't tell how i feel,the truth is that i love you so much and im so proud of what you are doing there...being the way you are and don't be sad..i pray angels to be with u know they are. Its people like you in my life that reminds me what is worth living for.In Iraq, the ISIS seizure of Mosul in June led to reports of sexual slavery of young women, particularly from the Yazidi minority, sold as slaves in open markets or given to ISIS fighters as gifts, the report said.Over recent months, some 1,500 civilians may have been forced into sexual slavery in Iraq, the report said.ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria) and Boko Haram were among 13 groups added to a UN list of parties that resort to sexual violence - a measure intended to focus greater international attention on those conflicts.In all, 45 groups are listed including 12 rebel factions from the Democratic Republic of Congo and five groups from South Sudan, including the national police service.The report was released on the eve of the anniversary of the kidnapping of more than 200 girls from Chibok in northern Nigeria by Boko Haram, described as "one of the most alarming episodes of 2014"."Forced marriage, enslavement and the 'sale' of kidnapped women and girls are central to Boko Haram's modus operandi and ideology," said the report.

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The ‘Third I’ project website has a countdown to the date which suggests that Mr Bilal will have the camera installed on December 15th.

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Wafaa Bilal, a professor at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, is to undergo surgery in the next few weeks to have the camera installed.

The project, called 'The 3rd I' , will involve the camera taking pictures at one-minute intervals with the images being streamed live to a new Qatari museum called Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art.