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Vinnova announced today an alloocation of 16 mill SEK to the Bio Next consortium consisting of companies seeking to innovate in biological drug development.

Regenics As, Oslo Norway is one of the contributors and beneficiaries of the grant from Vinnova.

PITTSBURG — Five Southeast Kansas Humane Society employees have called it quits, alleging leadership has been deaf to their concerns.

“I’m Chinese, so I also want to show people that ‘Made in China’ is something to be proud of.” Ziran is one of numerous fashion companies, large and small, that are currently championing the sustainable fashion movement and trying to source responsibly-made materials from China.Although people think that sustainability comes at the cost of growth and profitability, fashion giants like H&M Group demonstrate otherwise.When H&M first launched its eco-friendly Conscious Collection in 2011, they had just over 2,400 stores worldwide and almost 191 billion SEK (.2 billion) in sales; after introducing a clothes-recycling initiative in 2013 and outlining an ambitious sustainability plan, they almost doubled the number of stores to over 4,300 and made 222.8 billion SEK (about .8 billion) by the end of 2016.We regularly receive funds from overseas and used the Moneycloud to find an FX company who have helped us with a much better exchange rate than our high street bank. Thank you the Moneycloud As a business, making global payments involves many risks, including exchange rate risk.If you are making regular transfers the cumulative costs due volatile exchange rates can be excessive.