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In September, Karl beat the record for the fastest supported thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail Karl chose to run the Appalachian Trail from the Northernmost point in Maine at Mount Katahdin to the Southernmost point in Georgia at Springer Mountain.'It's the big daddy and that's what raises the bar for me, is that it's the biggest one, the toughest one. I mean, in terms of my ultra-marathon career, I've run 150 ultras or so and tons of 100s and the harder the race is and even the more technical the race is, the better I do.'So it kinda makes sense to go to the hard, technical trail of the AT (Appalachian Trail).And the AT is relentless all the way, top to bottom. Keep driving past the college and go to the building at bottom of the hill. Turn east on Route 58 and travel approximately 1.5 miles to the flashing yellow lights. From I-1 in Virginia, take exit 19 (Abingdon / Damascus). The parking lot is on the right, just beyond a small white church.